OK here goes….
Month end was my favorite time of the month. An entire weekend to run off and have fun. I never stayed at school. I went home with classmates because Dayton was boring to me.
One month end I went home with Jan Lintz. Some of you may not  remember her, she’s in the yearbook, she was here for a while Junior year (70-71).
She lived in Ann Arbour, MI. Her Dad picked us up and we sang to the radio for the next 4 hrs. As soon as we got to her house, which was a mansion, we dropped our bags and grabbed our purses, we were ready to go visit some of her friends.She made a couple calls and the next thing I know her friend, Joey Parks was at the door. He was older, maybe 21 or so, he was driving a brand new Cadillac.His family owned a car dealership we were stylin’.
We drove around for a while, got something to eat at a local Mom & Pop. We visited a few friends and partied like “Rock Stars”. She knew a lot of interesting people. Ann Arbour, in the ’70’s was quite the happening place.Yeap, they were having a great time.I went in and sat in the corner. For the first time that night, I was scared.
Jan came over and handed me a plastic cup. I smelled it, it was some sort of spiked punch. I was 16,my parents owned a bar, not my first rodeo.Kinda why I ended up at BCU in the first place~
I was feeling more comfortable as Jan and I talked about the people at the party. Someone mentioned that Vince was on his way. It was almost 5am. Jan said she wanted to stay and say “Hi” to him. He traveled a lot and she hadn’t seen him in a year or so. I was getting really tired. Someone said Vince called and he was on his way, there was a quiet buzz in the room
Within 20 min.the door opened and standing 5 ft. from me was Alice Cooper~ in full make-up. He had a concert in Detroit….a month end I will never forget!!!
OK that’s it…do with it what you will…Emoji
April Sisari

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