The School of the Brown County Ursulines had a profound effect on many of the girls who attended there between 1846 and 1981. To share your story, please email us at or include your story in the comments section below.

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part 3- a sit down with Sr Agatha

part 2 – a sit down with Sr Agatha

Part 1 – A Sit Down with Sr. Agatha

Reflections from Julie Powers

Fond Memories and Lifelong Bonds – by Cheryl Reindl-Johnson ’78

Kindred Souls – by Audrey Corby Braden ‘63

Reflections on the past 50 years  – by Linda Patterson ‘61

A Night Out at BCU – Julie Powers Lopez ‘69

6 thoughts on “Student Stories

  1. I had no clue Brown County was on Facebook. I am thrilled. Just received the newsletter and the piece about Sister Agatha just made me smile. Thoughts of my days at BC always include wonderful memories of her. I will be sure to watch facebook for updates on the Ursulines as I think a piece of my heart will always remain at Brown County.


    1. We have no heard from you for ever so long! Be sure to come to reunion next year! You will find many pieces of hearts there to welcome you!


    1. Not about me…… I drove those Sister’s crazy!!
      My maiden name is ( LeBlond ), first name Susan…..I was at BCU for 3 years, I left in 1970.
      We were young, away from home and lets say, exploring life away from home. We had a lot of fun as kids there and the Sisters were always nice…usually……Loved Sister Catherine, Sister Agatha, Sister Roberta Anzinger, Sister Frances….great memories.. 💝


  2. I remember my days at BC with very special feeling to all of you who I met! Sister Agatha I still remember your art classes! I keep very close to my heart those beautiful moments that I spent in BC! May God bless you all! Elsa Herrera – Class of 70


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