First Impression
The reason I was sent to BCU, the Fall of 1970, was because I had been expelled from one of the finest, most expensive, clic hording, stuck up, pretentious, conceded, disdainful Catholic Schools in Kettering.
I rebelled and most of you know what I did, so off to boarding school with you~
Needless to say I was not happy. I wanted to go to public school, the boys were cuter!
I remember packing. What do I take? Blue skirts and white blouses were low key, no plaid-yay!
Why does everything and I mean EVERYTHING have to have my name sewn into it? Did people steal underwear? My god, it was mind boggling.My parents bought me a big black trunk. I stuffed everything I could in there. Including 6 packs of cigarettes.I picked a bad time to quit smoking….
The ride from Dayton to St. Martin seemed endless. We had the whole family in tow. Dad, Catherine (mother figure), and Dawn, who would turn 4 the next month. The trip was a circus.I was in the front seat with a map, watching every inch we traveled. Dawn was restless and kept climbing over the seat so she could sit with me. I tolerated her because I knew it would be a while before I would see her again.
The majesty of that left turn on to the lane, was breathtaking. The trees that were lining our path were like guards at there post. Beautiful but intimidating. What was this place? Where are the 10ft. fences?    I don’t remember visiting prior to my incarceration.
The campus started to appear. I said out loud “School of the Brown County Ursulines”. What is an Ursuline? Some dark, demented order that handled the worst of the worst? Was it a nunnery? Do they practice corporal punishment? Will I have to take a vow of silence?
Oh well….too late now~
April Sisari

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