Brown County Ursulines Alumnae Scholarship

Chatfield College


At the 2015 Reunion , the Alumnae Board announced the kickoff of a 3.5 year fundraising campaign to fund an endowed scholarship in the name of the School of the Brown County Ursulines Alumnae Association to Chatfield College.


Our goal is to raise $50,000 and to get things started, the board allocated $5000 from the general fund to this effort. Chatfield is the only private, Catholic, 3-yr liberal arts college in the state of Ohio. Its mission is to empower students who might best succeed in a small, supportive college. Chatfield welcomes students who might not get in or struggle at a larger, 4yr college; the student who needs a “second chance” and the nontraditional student (older, etc.). It was originally founded as a teaching college for the Ursuline sisters. It was opened to the public in 1971 at St. Martin, and 1989 a campus was opened in Cincinnati. It now has more than 600 students . The St. Martin campus serves the rural area surrounding Brown County and most students are of Appalachian descent while the Cincinnati campus serves an urban area and most students are of African-American descent. 98% of students attending Chatfield are from families living at or below the poverty line.


Chatfield is our legacy! This scholarship in the name of our beloved school will fund a student at the St. Martin campus every year in perpetuity. Through Chatfield, the mission of St. Angela will live on.

The board hopes that every living alumnae of BCU will contribute to this fund. Give generously, give often! Make a pledge! Remember this scholarship in your will! To make a donation go to:

Feel  free to contact Jean McNamara with any questions you have about this fundraiser.





Recognizing Chatfield College is our legacy, the Brown County Ursulines Alumnae Association sponsors the Chatfield Nun Run every year!  Our logo is on the sleeve of the T-shirt.   It is in July every year – plan to come next year!




In 2017, a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the retirement account of the remaining BCU Sisters.  A financial analysis in 2014 established they had a $2M shortfall in the account.   The School of the Brown County Ursulines Alumnae Association pledged $25,000 to this effort and encouraged all living alumnae to give generously to the nuns who gave so much to all of us.   Contact:  Sr. Christine Pratt at