by Linda Patterson ‘61


I have held a prestigious title for the past 21 years; I am known as Granny Bubbles. When my granddaughter was a toddler, she entered our front door chanting “Bubbles, Granny, Granny, bubbles,” until she spied her bubble jar. Being at Brown County for three years, I naturally thought about becoming a nun. However, it crossed my mind that why would I want to be stuck with the everyday habits of praying, cooking, praying, washing clothes, praying, dusting…

I wound up doing all that, plus with three children I was also scrounging for their shoes trying to make it to Mass on time. Me, losing my religion before I got to Mass, while three children were yelling from the back seat of the car, “Mom, she looked at me!” “Mom, he touched me!” “Mom, make him stop!” My life has been far from normal; many times I felt I should have been a nun.

My real accomplishments, minus 1, are here with me today – three children and five grandchildren. They possess the best of me.


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