Brown County Ursulines Alumni Association Pen and Keychain Order Form

The beautiful pens and keychain pictured below are made from the wood of the old trees along the lane at BCU. Karin Burwinkel rescued some of the wood when the trees were cut down because of decay. The wood sat in Karin’s barn for many years until the committee working on the 2020 BCU Reunion/175th Anniversary Celebration started talking about a remembrance gift for the nuns. Karin talked to a local artisan who often sells his handmade pens at Chatfield College events. He created a one-of-a kind gold twist pen just for the nuns. The artist agreed to not make another pen just like the one given to them. When the committee saw how beautiful the pens turned out, they knew alumni association members might like something similar made from the same wood. The pens and keychain offered here are different than the ones presented to the nuns and are for the Alumni members and their families. Each one is unique because the wood grain is different in every piece. We hope you enjoy this little piece of the BCU Lane.

Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Billing Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Email address, print clearly: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Cell phone: __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Pen – $35 each
Keychain – $25 each
Shipping and Handling – $5 for one to three items; $6 for four or more items; $12.50 for international orders

Pen 1 – Chrome Twist Pen 2 – Black Twist Pen 3 – Chrome Click Pen 4 – Gold Click Keychain, gold or silver trim Number Ordered of: Pen 1 _____Pen 2 _____ Pen 3 _____ Pen 4 _____ Keychain _____ Total Items ordered: __________________ Total Amount for items ordered: ________________ Total Shipping: _________________ Total amount of order: ______________ Payment Options, check one: Check: _______ or Visa: _______ MasterCard: _______ Discover: _______ American Express: _______ Name on Credit Card: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Credit card number: ______________________________________________ Expiration Date: _________________ CVV: _________ Signature: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ To order: Print this page; complete this form, include your check or credit card information.

Mail to:
BCU Alumni Association c/o Delia Berry
3579 Hopper Hill Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45255

One thought on “BROWN COUNTY Ursulines Alumni Pen and Key chain order form

  1. Hi There,

    Can someone give me a call? I would like to order a keychain and a pen. Unfortunately, my printer needs ink. So I cannot print the order form.

    Kindest Regards,

    Leslie Frelone

    417 Richmond St

    New Westminster, BC V3L 4C3

    cell 778-773-5595


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