My memories of BCU really center around the Berry family. Kathy was my first “best friend.” We had a lot of “fun” being the high-spirited girls that we were. We climbed to the top of the bell tower several times. Ran into cloister to put Vaseline on a doorknob. Racked up quite a few demerits as we went along. Ice skating on the pond, swimming in the pool early autumn when the water was freezing! But I also remember hanging out in Sr. Dorothy’s little office. “Momma Dot” she was called. Colation in the afternoon and watching the “Monkees” group on TV. Night study hall when I thought I would lose my mind (these are not stories for publication!). Helping Kathy learn to play “Born free – as free as the Wind Blows” on the piano. Eating 5-6-7 pastries for breakfast – we were skinny then.

Now to talk about Mr. and Mrs. Berry. They were surrogate parents to me. Spent many nights at Hopper Hill Rd. There was a “granny in the woods” and we had granny gowns. Mr. Berry took us to the drugstore – it was so interesting. Out to eat – and then take a chocolate pie with us back to school. Mrs. Berry gave us our pixie haircuts and there was even a bird that talked. Mr. Berry would hit high, fly balls for us to practice catching. What a neat family.

 One incident at BCU occurred with the horses. A new horse at the stable, for no reason bit me in the throat. It was snowing and cold, but I went ahead and rode. Later I was taken to the infirmary and watched carefully that night to make sure my throat did not swell shut. I had purple marks across my throat for some time.

 Oh, the stories are flowing back. Kathy and I could be up to the third floor where one could look all the way down to some coke machines. We could drop “super balls” all the way down and laugh as they ricocheted all over the bottom floor.

 BCU was a wonderful 2-year experience for me and then my parents moved to Tennessee. Those 2 years were some of the very best of my life and had far reaching effects. I will never forget the good times and lessons learned. Also, I loved all the Latin girls we went to school with. I am relearning Spanish and we are helping a Latino friend. We are up to 5 grandkids – one from China now!

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