I could spend a lot of time writing about the impact that BCU had
on  my sister Jamie and I – but Im pretty sure you all know that- we all share that which is what makes BCU special- the friends you make for life, the kindness of all. I though I’d write about what you didn’t know:

In 8th grade someone’s alarm would go off at 3am, that person- name be excluded (so she’s okay with this) would wake up only a few if you were privileged to go- navigate the steps (no creaking toes allowed) across non- wooden floors, Sr. Anthony seemed to be always waxing them (did she sleep?)to find ourselves in the massive kitchen into the massive Walk-In refrigerator in to be surrounded by bricks of cheese -and this was before Costco- the next mornings array of donuts and pasteries. It was heaven and we would eat too much! and yes the ice cream sandwiches!

Eventually Sr. Catherine who was very savvy would pull someone out to the landing in
the middle of the night and while they were waking out of their slumber, she would simply ask ”is there something you want to tell me?” and voila- ‘there it was’ so new pranks were to be created.
Many of us tried putting vaseline on our foreheads so that Sr. Catherine would send us off to sleep with a little cross, but then just simply swipe our heads when she caught on leaving us with vaseline hair-savvy again. Rolling beds into the elevator while someone was sleeping-though I don’t think I did it. I thought it was clever.
Remember the key to the front door- it almost cancelled our graduation?! Whoever was responsible? The grandest-I thought- again was created by another student- name to being excluded (so she’s okay with this) created the “gangster” The gangster was:
When walking by the building where the workers worked- the sisters kept their cookie jars filled at least until the gangster was created..
I’m pretty sure the sisters thought- these guys are eating a-lot….I often worry about that creator of the gangster- I believe her life has been a struggle and she has struggled with life. I wish her the best.
These were a few of the many that happened from what I can remember and then there were some really irresponsible ones that I am not sharing (so that we can all forget about them- and Thank you Sr. Agatha- you were given quite a challenge) that I like to just claim them as events along the journey.There are many riddles left unsolved- not important really but it does take me back to those days down the long tree-lined lane that I thought I knew every creak in every floor(except the cloisters of course ),every four leaf clover near Chatfield (yes its true) where on the other side of that lane- where our lives after BCU began was the biggest mystery of all.
I woke up to that fact in my junior year-what is going to happen with my life after Brown County? I’ll always appreciate the strength, the lifelong friendships, Sr. Catherines Theater, Sr. Mary Christine’s patience, Sr. Ruth’s class that helped me years later to get my cappuccino to go in France-though grammatically Im sure it was cappuccino go?
so many I am thankful to”thank you”!

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