In November I attended a BCU Companion retreat.  It was held on the BCU/Chatfield College campus.  We were given an opportunity to walk around campus – a couple of buildings were open for us to spread out and reflect on the day.  I just started thinking of the many times that I came back to BCU, a second home to me.  Many times I came back to tell the nuns what was going on in my life. I went there to spread the news that I had met the greatest guy and that we would be married in St. Martin’s Church.  I went straight there when my son died as an infant.  I knew the nuns would help me through it.  I have been there for Ursuline funerals, Quilt shows, concerts, weddings, Alumni reunions, photo shoots, etc.   …the good and the bad…  This is the poem that I wrote that day while sitting in the Chatfield College Welcome Center (the original Chatfield College building).


To Come Home – My Continuous Pilgrimage


In life, to show the progress of my family

In love, to show the progress of my marriage

In grief, to look for consolation

In sorrow, to need community

In joy, to participate in another’s blessings

In heart, to feel the compassion in friendships

In walking, to cross the path of others who have gone before us

In time, to reflect on my own journey

In prayer, to ask for healing

In my thoughts, mindfulness

In what I say, carefulness

In my heart, truth

In my home, sharing my journey with others who have been a part of it

To Come Home gives my life meaning

To Go Home is to take all these thoughts/deeds with me to God


Karin Burwinkel

BCU Companion Retreat November 2018




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