Mine is a bit sad/awe inspiring…It dates WAAAAY  back to maybe 1945–Sr.Miriam was 1st Dept. Mistress ,in those days.
She in herself was awe-inspiring, believe me.   Well, on a particular Saturday, she said we were going to have an ice-cream social, and so we gleefully went down –somewhere–where there was a kitchen, etc.  She said in addition, we would make some carmel sauce to go over the ice cream, and so she began the preparations for the sauce, in a huge kettle on the stove.  I am sure you know that hot sauces like that are–really HOT! and sticky!  And so–somewhere along the line, poor Sister Miriam spilled some boiling hot thick goo on her fingers.   We all screamed–what good that did!–but not one of us knew what to do.   The amazing thing here was that Sr.Miriam did not react in the slightest bit…not a grimace, not a moan, not a cry, nothing…The pain must have been excruciating, but she bore the pain and simply assessed the situation, giving orders about who would be in charge as she left (she knew she had to leave and get help), what we were to do without any supervision, etc.  And off she went.  She was absent for several days, as a matter of fact, and of course, came back with a bandaged hand.   We all were in shock, when she left–not because she was not there, but because she was so heroic, so saintly, as I thought, so very very perfect in every way.   Who indeed could endure such horrendous pain and not react?   Sr. Miriam, that’s who…The most amazing person I had ever known!
Margery Winters Cunningham, Class of 1945
Younger sister of Sr. Regina Winters, O.S.U., deceased, Nov. 1989
2227-19th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94116